Monday, September 27, 2010

HP means to maintain the integrity of former coach

Analysts pointed out that the HP board of directors selected Mark Hurd, NCR chief executive officer in charge of the company means that the board intends to maintain the helm of HP integrity.

Analysts said that, Ma
rk Hurd included in the sale of a number of different automatic cash register, database and application software, hardware and software products company has a wealth of experience, HP Hewlett-Packard board of directors does not plan to split into different entities, on the contrary, the company has made clear that their position - and more inclined to "package" solution, is to provide various types of consumer products to their package.

Forrester Research analyst Frank Gillett says, "If they choose a sale or spin-off companies have people who - for example, Michael Capellas would have had two such criminal record, then it would imply that HP is likely to take points demolition of the Road. "

HP Mark Hurd is the enormous scale of the great challenges facing the one office. HP 2004 only printing and imaging business revenues roughly four times the income of NCR Corporation. NCR Corporation last year, total sales of 60 billion, while Hewlett-Packard's revenues reached nearly 80 billion U.S. dollars. In addition, Dell and IBM, with fierce competition, is also a need to guide the transformation of the company is Mark Hurd will face major problems.

Analysts pointed out: "This is a strategic challenge, the prospect of technology is not PC, not a server, but the same as IBM, software and services for users as the driving force to promote the development of HP."

Although HP has claimed that their strategy is to maintain the department's integrity, but an analyst at IDC, said HP is still considering whether to re-stripped of its PC business may be.

NCR, an analyst at that, Mark Hurd is likely to adopt his methods have been used by NCR Corporation. HP may be facing a huge change.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Semiconductor introduced the New Deal years, is expected to be directly in foreign equity holding

Reporter yesterday learned that the semiconductor industry's concern during the year is expected to introduce the New Deal.

The day before yesterday the opening of the National Information Industry Conference on Technology Innovation, Ministry of Information Industry announced the "information industry development," Eleventh Five-Year Plan "and the 20-year long-term planning framework" that will support integrated circuits, software, high-definition digital television, broadband wireless mobile communications, 13 large projects. Which support the integrated circuit industry, the signal is very strong.

IC restricting the development of China's information industry strategic basis for science and technology. Ministry of Information Industry Minister Wang Xudong said: "Encouraging integrated industrial policy is still not perfect, the existing policy documents such as '18 ', there is the further implementation of the problem." It is understood that the State Development and Reform Commission is currently leading research to develop further the integrated circuit and software to support industrial development policy. MII statement said, will actively promote the policy as soon as possible, the earliest time point end of the year.

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