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Trojans look like Tibet, where

Trojan is a virus program on the remote control, the program has a strong hidden and dangerous, it can be undetected in people under the control of the state you or watch you. We take a look at where the Trojans like hiding?

Trojan is a virus program on the remote control, the program has a strong hidden and dangerous, it can be undetected in people under the control of the state you or watch you. Some say that since the Trojans so powerful, that I have distance from it is not on it! But this Trojan is "naughty", it can regardless of whether you welcome, as long as it pleased, it will try to broke into your idea of "home" in the past! Oh, that terrible, quickly look at their computer have Trojan horse, maybe being "home" in trouble too! Then how do I know where is the horse, I believe that the newbies are not familiar with the Trojans certainly want to know this problem. Here is the latent cunning trick horse, do not forget to read the future to deal with these Sunzhao yo trick!

1, integrated into the program
Trojan is actually a server - client program, which to prevent the user can easily delete it, it is often integrated into the programs, and if the user activate the Trojan horse, Trojan files, and then bundled with an application, and then upload to overwrite the original file server, so even if the Trojan has been removed, as long as the running application bundled with the Trojan, the Trojan will be installed on up. Bound to a particular application, such as bound to the system files, so every time Windows starts will start the Trojan.

2, hidden in the configuration file
Trojan horse is so cunning, that newbies usually using a graphical interface operating system, for those who have been less important configuration files are mostly indifferent, and this horse just to provide a hiding place. And the use of the special role of the configuration file, Trojan easily run in our computer, attack, and thus peeping or monitor you. Now, however, this approach is not very subtle, easy to find, so in the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys to load Trojans and rare, but should not be taken lightly Oh.

3, lurking in the Win.ini in
Trojan to reach the control or the purpose of monitoring computer must be running, but no one knows better than his own computer to run this damn horse. Of course, the Trojan has also been prepared, that human beings are highly intelligent animals, not to help it work, it must find a safe and can run automatically at boot time place, so is lurking in the Win.ini Trojans feel more comfortable place. Open the Win.ini you may wish to look at it [windows] field in start command "load =" and "run =", under normal circumstances "=" followed by a blank, if followed by the program, for example, that looks like this: run = c: \ windows \ file.exe load = c: \ windows \ file.exe
Then you have to be careful, and this is likely to be Trojan file.exe Oh.

4, disguised in an ordinary file
This approach appears relatively late, but now very popular windows for unskilled operators, is an easy mark. The specific method is the executable file disguised as a picture or text ---- icon in the program to change the Windows default picture icon, then the file name to *. jpg.exe, since Win98 the default setting is "Do not show known file extension name ", the file will appear as *. jpg, people who do not pay attention to the Trojan point of this icon (if you insert a picture in the program even more perfect).

5, built into the registry
The above method allows horse really comfortable for a while, neither was able to find it, can run automatically, really Yoshiya! But the good time, it's true features of human very quickly ferret out, and it was a severe punishment! But it also Afterward, after summing up lessons of failure, that the above hiding the Chuhen easy Zhao, now is not easy to hide Beiren find the place Yushi it Xiangdao the registry! Indeed, the registry of more complex, like the Trojans are often hidden in here happy, quickly check if you have any program under which, read carefully eyes wide open, do not let go Oh Trojan: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion, all to "run" at the beginning of the key; HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion, all to "run" at the beginning of the key; HKEY-USERS \. Default \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion, all to "run" at the beginning keys.
6, in hiding in the System.ini
Trojan is really everywhere Yeah! Where there are loopholes in it where to fall in.! This does not, Windows installation directory is also a horse like System.ini hidden place. Was careful to open this file to see it any different from normal file in the file [boot] field, is not such a content, that is, shell = Explorer.exe file.exe, if indeed there such content, you are unfortunate, because here is the Trojan file.exe server program! In addition, System.ini in the [386Enh] field, pay attention to inspection during this period of "driver = path \ program name", there may also be used by Trojans. Again, in the System.ini in the [mic], [drivers], [drivers32] of these three fields, these paragraphs also play a role in loading the driver, but it is also a good place to add Trojan horses, and now you are the woven that we should pay attention here.

7, invisible in the startup group
Sometimes horse does not care about their whereabouts, whether it is more attention is automatically loaded into the system, because once the Trojan is loaded into the system, any of the methods you use you are unable to drive it away (hey, this horse has the nerve really thick), so according to this logic, start group is also a good place to hide Trojan horses, because there really is a good place to run automatically loaded. Activity group corresponding folder: C: \ windows \ start menu \ programs \ startup, the location in the registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \
Explorer \ ShellFolders Startup = "C: \ windows \ start menu \ programs \ startup". Start the group should pay attention to regular checks Oh!

8, hidden in the Winstart.bat
In accordance with the above logical theory, all conducive to place Trojan horses automatically loaded, Trojans like to stay. This does not, Winstart.bat is a loaded automatically by Windows to run files, which in most cases for the application and the Windows auto-generated and loaded in the implementation of the after the majority of drivers started (this can be Press the F8 key by starting step through the startup process and then select the startup mode can be obtained). As the Autoexec.bat function can be replaced Winstart.bat completed, as the Trojans can be loaded in the Autoexec.bat in the running as danger from this.

9, tied in the startup file
The application's startup configuration file, the control side can start the process to use these files to the characteristics of a good production of the same name with the Trojans start command to the server file upload documents covering the same name, so you can start to achieve the purpose of the Trojan .

10, set in the super-connections
Horse owners to place malicious code on Web pages, to lure users to click, the user clicks the result is obvious: open invitation to burglars! Advise Do not click on links on the page, unless you know it, trust it, for it is also willing to die so.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

China OLPC alliance brewing threat of Wintel alliance formed

Intel rival mobile Internet field - British Tan, president of ARM China, the military, these two days very happy. Because, long ago, he gave the Massachusetts Institute of 灏艰憶椴佸簽钂?wrote an e-mail, which gave him back.

灏艰憶椴佸簽钂?is the theory of global Internet during the agents of change, is the world's "one computer per child" (that is, OLPC, one laptop per child) Alliance founder.

His goal is the world that every child should have a their own laptops, especially those in developing countries.

"He was very pleased, but not immediately come to China. However, he let OLPC Union Leader over the Pacific." Tan Army to the CBN reporter glanced 灏艰憶椴佸簽钂?mail.

Union brewing landing in China

But what really pleased Tan army is not 灏艰憶椴佸簽钂?the reply itself, but OLPC has decided that the next generation of notebooks, it will first consider the ARM processor, not AMD, Intel.

Tan Jun said that the Union has been assessing the OLPC "China", that is combined with the actual needs of the Chinese market, redefine the alliance's plan of industrialization.

What a coincidence. The day before yesterday, the reporter major reference in the information provider's "money in China: 3G, Internet this, household appliances to the countryside Forum" on the OLPC Union Pacific president met Mr Wong. He stressed on the CBN, Union Pacific has set up office in November last year, and began formal operation.

Mr Wong said the alliance had been chosen to AMD, Intel as a partner, but the next generation, will first consider the ARM processor program. "Of course, we also consider the VIA." He said.

Li Yi is the Chinese version of the driver of the OLPC alliance. He said several notebook enterprises and software companies, has been invited as the first Union troops Tan presidency.

But, Tan Jun said, because OLPC is a non-profit organizations, alliances, but they must be involved in business to make money, so landing in China, also facing some problems to be solved. Perfect example of the industrial chain, how to maintain product quality in the case, will the program cost control to the best.

Mr Wong said the alliance partners to maximize the open, but compared to other regions, will give full consideration to supporting the Chinese market and demand advantage, landing in the making.

wintel Union threatened

OLPC alliance move, such as the industrialization of its own prior to reverse the layout.

Before, the Union has been working with Intel, AMD close cooperation. However, Intel also developed their own "student PC" program. The plan also belong to low-cost notebook strategy, Intel intends to each sell for 230 to 300 U.S. dollars. Although the OLPC alliance orientation than 100 dollar price much higher, but there is competition, so Intel has continued to engage in coalition against the project, which led the latter to opt out early last year.

Previously, Intel has been mocking Union. It believed that behind AMD in the meddling. Initially launched as one of the parties, AMD really want to be the exclusive processor supplier alliance. However, AMD acquisition of ATI, the debt-ridden, so no choice to sell its manufacturing sector, and adjust the direction of the notebook business, not low prices, but focus on ultra-thin market, which is in effect abandoned the coalition leadership.

This is an opportunity to the ARM. The company is working with manufacturers to lower processor program, Linux operating system together, trying to seize the Chinese market. This will give Intel an impact on Microsoft's wintel Union.

However, the OLPC ARM trip probably will not be easy. Because of its lack of Intel's strong financial resources. Moreover, OLPC concept of global shipments also rare.

Mr Wong said, as of now, the Union ship only 80 units, and mainly concentrated in the Latin American market. "Also recently started shipping," he said, next month, will donate 1,000 to Sichuan disaster area.

But obviously not in comparison with Intel's shipments. But, Tan Jun said, OLPC is the global education market positioning, landing in China is very promising. The current access this market, Intel is no technical advantage, since power can not solve the problem, the OLPC is more difficult to advance the field.

He said some provocative, ARM will fully enter the mobile Internet market, the future will be Intel's "share 90% of the share", while the other 10% from VIA, AMD and other companies to carve up.




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U.S. export control policy toward China brewing adjustment

June 10, U.S. Department of Commerce Deputy Minister responsible for industrial safety David H 路 McCormick said in Washington, would amend existing regulations to facilitate trade between China and high technology. Under the new policy, a good track record that convinced the United States will not be military related products and technologies to Chinese companies, "will be removed from license applications."

U.S. high-tech products and services are one of the most important export products, while China is rapidly developing high technology products and services to the United States has a huge demand. U.S. companies, this demand will be enormous opportunities. Relaxation of U.S. high-tech exports to China for the Sino-US bilateral trade in the future will bring what impact? This, accept the China Economic Times reporters expressed different views of experts.

Relaxation of high-tech exports to China

Long overdue to do so?

"This is very important the United States against the backdrop of an industry need," International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute of Transnational Management thick Xing Yuan, Director of the interviewed said that China imported a number of high-tech products through the development of economy, the security interests of the United States there is no threat, it was clear that the facts, but because of the United States have a right-wing forces want to do this article, resulting in the first place the United States national security strategy.

"The U.S. high-tech exports in this area has been considered more than" the Department of State Information Center deputy director of the World Economic Research Renzhang Peng told China Times reporter, said the United States has the world's most advanced high-tech products, but the U.S. government's export control policies and outdated draconian visa application process, will hand over the Chinese market share of competitors.

"In the economic interests and strike a balance between the interests of national security, the United States can now realize this is very good, in fact long overdue to do so." Xing Yuan analysis of thick, said the existing conditions, the existence of some Sino-US trade The trade surplus, the United States in this respect a certain pressure, in China there is no other signs of the circumstances, the trade deficit with China to resolve the problem, the only option is to expand exports.

On the other hand, the Chinese high-tech exports to the United States has also raised demand for many years, China needs such high-tech.

U.S. export control

Not conducive to bilateral economic and trade exchanges

Zhang Peng believes that if the United States in this regard further restrictions on China are not much affected, because the EU, Japan is now doing better in this regard.

Commerce Department recently announced a technology import figures show that the substantial increase in technology imports this year the first 5 months, the EU tops the list, the largest source country, Japan's second, while the U.S. ranked in the third, January to May this year, U.S. technology exports to China amount to only three percent in Europe.

American Chamber of Commerce recently published "American Business in China" annual white paper noted that while China's market prospects, but the U.S. government's trade policy so that domestic enterprises have not fully seize this opportunity. White Paper revealed that the U.S. companies in China are not optimistic about 2005 earnings. Although 64% of companies in China are profitable, but the loss and profit and loss for the company were flat compared with the previous year the number has increased by 9 percentage points, and the United States one-third of the total enterprises in China. White Paper that led to the root causes of this situation is intensified market competition, while some U.S. policy failures have weakened the U.S. company's competitive advantage.

China to adjust export control

Policy must focus on the execution

"This is a positive signal," Xing Yuan thick that will enhance the two countries in economy, technology, trade, exchanges, is also good to alleviate trade friction. Technology to China on the block who has the Cold War mentality of people, is a blow; the same time that the U.S. government is a rational government. "I do not know if this is because of the change of a trade representative's sake? Hoped that the new exchange trade representatives, will be the improvement of Sino-US relations are promoted."

Zhang Peng view on this is: "I can only say that the trend is good, but also continue to monitor specific policy came out, the U.S. government enforcement in this area how greater efforts, will really play a role in Otherwise, little significance. "


purchasing CHINA wholesale electronics with utmost




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e-cology in the Pan Micro Series 15

Online orders: an effective network of micro-marketing to help get customers the Pan

Widespread use of the Internet, so that lower cost of online orders as possible. In many companies, a large number of orders in the end customer within the company before being delayed for a long time, so to reduce the efficiency and many may lose customers.

Pan-Micro Corporation has authority to agents, distributors and customers opened the order function, so that all agents can have permission through their portal to complete the relevant order or sales through its own portal to help customers place orders, order once the network has been issued, the order has been in control on location.

Through the process of setting the order, if approved, will automatically become the contract and related transactions were associated client accounts, financial data is processed in a timely manner. The whole process is achieved through the e-cology, less unnecessary fax, phone and email to repeatedly and easily lead to wrong order process.

Electronic micro-line order to help provide functional efficiency of the entire company, and allow the company leadership on all orders can view the status of the persons responsible for evaluation.

Order to complete implementation of the project was transferred to the Department Manager, Account Manager at this time under the company's resources to the project implementation arrangements for the customer with the actual project implementation services.

In the course of the entire order processing, customer orders issued, agents and sales staff can keep abreast of the process of the order is processed, so that all the order processing in a completely transparent environment.

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