Tuesday, October 5, 2010

e-cology in the Pan Micro Series 15

Online orders: an effective network of micro-marketing to help get customers the Pan

Widespread use of the Internet, so that lower cost of online orders as possible. In many companies, a large number of orders in the end customer within the company before being delayed for a long time, so to reduce the efficiency and many may lose customers.

Pan-Micro Corporation has authority to agents, distributors and customers opened the order function, so that all agents can have permission through their portal to complete the relevant order or sales through its own portal to help customers place orders, order once the network has been issued, the order has been in control on location.

Through the process of setting the order, if approved, will automatically become the contract and related transactions were associated client accounts, financial data is processed in a timely manner. The whole process is achieved through the e-cology, less unnecessary fax, phone and email to repeatedly and easily lead to wrong order process.

Electronic micro-line order to help provide functional efficiency of the entire company, and allow the company leadership on all orders can view the status of the persons responsible for evaluation.

Order to complete implementation of the project was transferred to the Department Manager, Account Manager at this time under the company's resources to the project implementation arrangements for the customer with the actual project implementation services.

In the course of the entire order processing, customer orders issued, agents and sales staff can keep abreast of the process of the order is processed, so that all the order processing in a completely transparent environment.

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