Wednesday, October 6, 2010

U.S. export control policy toward China brewing adjustment

June 10, U.S. Department of Commerce Deputy Minister responsible for industrial safety David H 路 McCormick said in Washington, would amend existing regulations to facilitate trade between China and high technology. Under the new policy, a good track record that convinced the United States will not be military related products and technologies to Chinese companies, "will be removed from license applications."

U.S. high-tech products and services are one of the most important export products, while China is rapidly developing high technology products and services to the United States has a huge demand. U.S. companies, this demand will be enormous opportunities. Relaxation of U.S. high-tech exports to China for the Sino-US bilateral trade in the future will bring what impact? This, accept the China Economic Times reporters expressed different views of experts.

Relaxation of high-tech exports to China

Long overdue to do so?

"This is very important the United States against the backdrop of an industry need," International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute of Transnational Management thick Xing Yuan, Director of the interviewed said that China imported a number of high-tech products through the development of economy, the security interests of the United States there is no threat, it was clear that the facts, but because of the United States have a right-wing forces want to do this article, resulting in the first place the United States national security strategy.

"The U.S. high-tech exports in this area has been considered more than" the Department of State Information Center deputy director of the World Economic Research Renzhang Peng told China Times reporter, said the United States has the world's most advanced high-tech products, but the U.S. government's export control policies and outdated draconian visa application process, will hand over the Chinese market share of competitors.

"In the economic interests and strike a balance between the interests of national security, the United States can now realize this is very good, in fact long overdue to do so." Xing Yuan analysis of thick, said the existing conditions, the existence of some Sino-US trade The trade surplus, the United States in this respect a certain pressure, in China there is no other signs of the circumstances, the trade deficit with China to resolve the problem, the only option is to expand exports.

On the other hand, the Chinese high-tech exports to the United States has also raised demand for many years, China needs such high-tech.

U.S. export control

Not conducive to bilateral economic and trade exchanges

Zhang Peng believes that if the United States in this regard further restrictions on China are not much affected, because the EU, Japan is now doing better in this regard.

Commerce Department recently announced a technology import figures show that the substantial increase in technology imports this year the first 5 months, the EU tops the list, the largest source country, Japan's second, while the U.S. ranked in the third, January to May this year, U.S. technology exports to China amount to only three percent in Europe.

American Chamber of Commerce recently published "American Business in China" annual white paper noted that while China's market prospects, but the U.S. government's trade policy so that domestic enterprises have not fully seize this opportunity. White Paper revealed that the U.S. companies in China are not optimistic about 2005 earnings. Although 64% of companies in China are profitable, but the loss and profit and loss for the company were flat compared with the previous year the number has increased by 9 percentage points, and the United States one-third of the total enterprises in China. White Paper that led to the root causes of this situation is intensified market competition, while some U.S. policy failures have weakened the U.S. company's competitive advantage.

China to adjust export control

Policy must focus on the execution

"This is a positive signal," Xing Yuan thick that will enhance the two countries in economy, technology, trade, exchanges, is also good to alleviate trade friction. Technology to China on the block who has the Cold War mentality of people, is a blow; the same time that the U.S. government is a rational government. "I do not know if this is because of the change of a trade representative's sake? Hoped that the new exchange trade representatives, will be the improvement of Sino-US relations are promoted."

Zhang Peng view on this is: "I can only say that the trend is good, but also continue to monitor specific policy came out, the U.S. government enforcement in this area how greater efforts, will really play a role in Otherwise, little significance. "


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